The Ultimate mantra

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna

Krishna Krishna Hare Hare

Hare Rama Hare Rama

Rama Rama Hare Hare

– chant and be happy and feel the bliss and tranquility.

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Introduction to my Blog

Hello, and welcome to my blog, named as vTharu, in honor of my elder brother, who was born as my brother and also grew up to be a brother too.

But I am now using this blog for a course on using Word Press for Web pages.

I am completely new to blogging and this is my first attempt and I wanted to give it a try for a very long time and at last I have made it, just after my birthday yesterday.

Briefly I was born in Penang, Malaysia and am now settled in the United States, retired and unemployed and desperately trying to generate an income.

As a Hindu and an Indian, we are used to be superstitious and also follow many customs or do rituals, many of which we do not understand or know its true meaning and purport.  But we do it because our parents are breathing down our necks so to speak.

There are some Indians who have the gift, after saying their prayers or rituals, going into a trance, and it is said that one of the Hindu gods speak thru this person.  And miracles are also performed, diseases that modern science failed, are cured by this person, just by the touch or other rituals like bathing him with a blessed bucket of water,etc.  I have seen also precious stones appearing in your palms from nowhere.  For the unbelievers or skeptics as I am sure there will many of u out there, the only thing I can say, I have seen it myself and experienced it.

The person who was so gifted was called Mr. Chandran (he died many years ago) and he used to have a FREE monthly prayer session at his house where attendees throng asking for cures or relief for their ailments or for their family troubles, etc.

Usually, after everything is over, the Hindu God or Goddess who ever was present, would sometimes deliver a sermon or preaching always delivered in Tamil.  One of the attendees decided to record these lectures on paper (digital recorders were non-existent then) and afterwards verify with the other attendees to ensure the accuracy and fullness of his transcription.

This transcription would then be typed on a typewriter (computers and word processors were unheard off then) and then circulated to the attendees  who cared to have a copy.

My sister who used to be a regular at these monthly sessions, faithfully compiled her copy and also compiled one for me – still not sure why I was selected between my other older brother.  But I kept them faithfully taking these transcripts with me wherever I went.

Being in the Malaysian Foreign service, my travels led me from my home country of Malaysia to Thailand (where I met and married my wife), Singapore, France, Nigeria, Egypt, Japan and finally the U.S.

Now that I have all the time, I wanted to disseminate these for whatever they are worth to the world, and hopefully one can learn something from these sermons or lectures.

If u believe that human beings cannot only survive on fresh air, water and sunshine but must generate an income, thus I hope you could click on the links to the commercials.

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Your Kids Will Love This Dog

RASCAL: 7 years old, neutered male, yellow Lab, 75 lbs.

Rascal was “surrendered” to us by his owner, who had lost his home to foreclosure. He’s great with other dogs, and he loves people, going for walks, running, and playing Frisbee. He’s good with children and enjoys riding in the car. He has a cute habit of standing on his haunches and gently giving you his front paws. Rascal shouldn’t go to a home with cats, because he tends to chase them

Our vet has taken care of all Rascal’s vaccinations, removed his dewclaws, and microchipped him. He’d make a wonderful family dog.

If you’re interested in Rascal, please call Donna at Pets to Go—(555) 555-5555.

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A High-Energy Bundle of Fun

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CINDY: 3 years old, spayed female, Shepherd mix, 40 lbs

CINDY: 3 years old, spayed female, Shepherd mix, 40 lbs.

Cindy came to us because her family was splitting up. She’s never gotten the attention a young dog needs.

Cindy is super playful. She loves toys, and her favorite game is fetch. She’s a smart cookie and adapts well to positive training. She already knows “sit,” “down,” “stay,” “shake,” and “sit pretty,” and she’s learning more fun tricks like “roll over.” Cindy is house-trained, rides well in the car, and enjoys being brushed and groomed. She behaves well around the house and respects her boundaries.

This special girl needs an adult-only home with people who have experience with large dogs, so she can continue to develop into a well-adjusted dog. Cindy needs someone who’ll give her very clear rules, lots of love, and plenty of exercise. In return, she’ll be your loyal friend for life.

For information about Cindy, call Donna at Pets to Go: (555) 555-5555.

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