Introduction to my Blog

Hello, and welcome to my blog, named as vTharu, in honor of my elder brother, who was born as my brother and also grew up to be a brother too.

But I am now using this blog for a course on using Word Press for Web pages.

I am completely new to blogging and this is my first attempt and I wanted to give it a try for a very long time and at last I have made it, just after my birthday yesterday.

Briefly I was born in Penang, Malaysia and am now settled in the United States, retired and unemployed and desperately trying to generate an income.

As a Hindu and an Indian, we are used to be superstitious and also follow many customs or do rituals, many of which we do not understand or know its true meaning and purport.  But we do it because our parents are breathing down our necks so to speak.

There are some Indians who have the gift, after saying their prayers or rituals, going into a trance, and it is said that one of the Hindu gods speak thru this person.  And miracles are also performed, diseases that modern science failed, are cured by this person, just by the touch or other rituals like bathing him with a blessed bucket of water,etc.  I have seen also precious stones appearing in your palms from nowhere.  For the unbelievers or skeptics as I am sure there will many of u out there, the only thing I can say, I have seen it myself and experienced it.

The person who was so gifted was called Mr. Chandran (he died many years ago) and he used to have a FREE monthly prayer session at his house where attendees throng asking for cures or relief for their ailments or for their family troubles, etc.

Usually, after everything is over, the Hindu God or Goddess who ever was present, would sometimes deliver a sermon or preaching always delivered in Tamil.  One of the attendees decided to record these lectures on paper (digital recorders were non-existent then) and afterwards verify with the other attendees to ensure the accuracy and fullness of his transcription.

This transcription would then be typed on a typewriter (computers and word processors were unheard off then) and then circulated to the attendees  who cared to have a copy.

My sister who used to be a regular at these monthly sessions, faithfully compiled her copy and also compiled one for me – still not sure why I was selected between my other older brother.  But I kept them faithfully taking these transcripts with me wherever I went.

Being in the Malaysian Foreign service, my travels led me from my home country of Malaysia to Thailand (where I met and married my wife), Singapore, France, Nigeria, Egypt, Japan and finally the U.S.

Now that I have all the time, I wanted to disseminate these for whatever they are worth to the world, and hopefully one can learn something from these sermons or lectures.

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About jegajothy

I am a Malaysian and am now settled in the United States. Career Summary Entrepreneur, 2007 to present. Am a Licensed Insurance producer for life and health in the States of Maryland, Virginia and Washington D.C. Am a part time Producer with First Financial Security, Inc. of Norcross, GA. Am also a Marketing Consultant for Ambit Energy of Texas. See my site at Currently trying my hand at internet marketing. Please visit my sites at : and GNC Live Well, Feb 2006 to 2008. Part-time Manager of the store that sells GNC brand vitamin and health related products. Am employed as a Relief Manger that is, whenever the full time person is either on holiday or not available to run the store. Assisting the company to market the products and inform the presence of the Store thru direct mail advertisement to the neighborhood. Seabrook Bulk Mail LLC. 2001 Up to present. Database developer and owner of this company. Depending on the client, we use Access 97, or Access 2000 or Access 2002. Company specializes in direct mail advertising using USPS approved software in order to standardize the addresses with the USPS national database of addresses, obtain CASS certification and bar code the address piece, thus securing the maximum postal discounts for clients. Murugan Temple of North America, Lanham. Up to January 31st, 2003. President. Served as a volunteer President of this Non-profit religious organization and was responsible for the day to day administration of the Temple. Developed their database in MS Access 97 from scratch for the tracking of all donations, issuing of receipts, and mailing of year end statements to all donors for IRS purposes. Also set up their accounting system in Intuit QuickBooks Pro 2001 and for the first time in the history of the Temple in 2000 and in subsequent years had the accounts audited by an Accountant who is a CPA, registered in the State of Maryland. Resigned on January 31st, 2003 to go into private enterprise. ACS Government Solutions Group, Systems Development Center. 5/99 to July 2002. Senior System Analyst Programmer. On General Services Administration (GSA), Public Building Services (PBS) contract. Simultaneously worked on four projects, the Rental Chargeback Tracking System (RCTS), RCTS 5600, the RCTS Monthly Update and the Federal Procurement Data Systems (FPDS). The RCTS’ front-end is in Access 97 while the backend is on SQL Server. After analyzing the system functions, problems and client requirements, corrected programming errors, did enhancements, and wrote System Test documentation for the RCTS. The RCTS 5600 points to a different SQL Server file. The RCTS applications passed testing by GSA’s Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) team and was deployed. Completed two Task Orders last month for enhancements to RCTS and it has passed IV&V’s testing for deployment. The RCTS Monthly Update program was built on propriety programming code. The application receives updated datasets in Access 97 format and after cleaning up the dataset, writes a SQL script file for updating the backend SQL table. After analyzing the application, developed it in Access 97 and wrote new code in Visual Basic. The FPDS’ front-end is on Visual Basic 6.0, the backend dataset on SQL Server and the Reporting on Seagate’s Crystal Reports. The Application uses Remote Data Objects (RDO) calls and uses SQL stored procedures to process the queries. This Application’s 4.0 version was not deployed and thus it was never known whether it worked or not. After analyzing the system functions and client’s requirements, developed the Application on Visual Basic 6.0, corrected all programming errors and run time errors and successfully completed the project. The application passed GSA’s IV&V testing and it is now the Operational Baseline Release. Flow charted the Application and also the requirements. Am the Company’s resource person for Visual Basic and collaborated for the Company’s U.S. Postal Service contract project. Computer Data Systems Inc., 6/98 – 4/99. Senior System Analyst Programmer. On U.S. Postal Service contract. Using Microsoft Access Version 2.0 wrote system test documentation and carried out a complete System Test; corrected programming errors; and performed enhancements. Documented the code, wrote more efficient source code and wrote error trapping. Configured, introduced new software and installed the application for access by remote sites at Baltimore, Washington D.C. and Northern Virginia. Deployed four versions of the Application. Application had a marked increase in performance and was less prone to system crashes and errors. Developed the application to be Y2K compliant and migrated to Access 97. Paul Shearman Allen and Associates. 1/98 – 4/98. Office Assistant. Developed the following: a menu driven client database from scratch using Access 97, the dataset extracted from Peachtree Accounting software; a database of the Club directory by scanning the directory and then writing a program to import into Access 97; and a mailing list database, the data taken from a telephone directory software. The World Bank, Public Information Center. 1994 – 1997. Information Assistant. Designed, developed and maintained The World Bank’s Public Information Center’s (PIC) database system which was built on Microsoft Access Version 2.0. The application also served as a point of sale, Mail Login and the collection of statistics. Provided end-user support to The World Bank for Microsoft’s suite of software and bank-wide for Microsoft Access, and end user support for all software used by the Division’s Field Offices in Tokyo, Paris and London. Set up the Tokyo’s office and trained staff on the use of the application. Maintained the LAN and was a backup for HTML programming. The World Bank, Office of the Executive Director for Southeast Asia. 1993. Office Technologist and Senior Staff Assistant. Provided end user support and training in computers and software. The World Bank, Education and Employment, Population and Human Resources Department. 1991 – 1993. Office Technologist and Senior Staff Assistant. Provided end user support for all software. Embassy of Malaysia, Washington DC. 1988-1990. Embassy PC technologist. Set up the Embassy’s computer systems and trained staff in the use of the software. Embassy of Malaysia, Tokyo Japan, 1985-1987. Embassy PC technologist. Set up the Embassy’s and the Trade Office’s computer systems and trained staff in the use of the software. EDUCATION University of Maryland, College Park, B.Sc. (still pursuing) TECHNICAL TRAINING (Certificates) Attended beginner’s, intermediate, and advanced training in the following courses: Microsoft SQL Server (4-day course) Visual Basic 5.0 – Business Solutions (5-day course) Access 97 Access 97 – Programming (3-day course) Windows NT 4.0 Hands On Windows 95 – Support Hands On PC and Networking (5-day course) Configuration (4-day course) Excel 97 Word 97; HTML (Beginners) PowerPoint 7.0 WordPerfect for Windows 6.1 Electronic Publishing ; Windows 95 Lotus Notes R4 (Two 3-day courses); Access Version 2.0 – Programming (3-day course) ; Basic Banyan Vines Administration (5-day course); Windows Version 3.1 SOFTWARE PACKAGES Microsoft Access 2000 Microsoft Access 97 Microsoft Access 2.00 Aldus PageMaker V 6.5 Excel 97 and earlier versions Word 97 and earlier versions Windows NT Windows 95 Windows 3.1 Microsoft SQL Server Banyan Vines HTML WordPerfect for Windows FileMakerPro OPERATING SYSTEMS MS DOS, WIN 95, WIN 98 and WIN NT PROGRAMMING LANGUAGES Microsoft Visual Basic Version 6.0 Java C++ ADA Pascal BASIC
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